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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

*running around waving arms wildly in happy dance*

THANK YOU!!! You never disappoint! I've been afraid to ask because I know you're swamped - so glad to see this in my mailbox this morning!!!

So afraid what this means for Icheb - I feel like I've known him for a long time - to feel that he might regret removing some of his implants and that he's tasting the enhancements of Borg technology again and finding it exhilarating - such a knife edge to dance upon! Eeeerk!

I confess - the older I get the more I sometimes think a few implants would help my processing. To have lost that capacity must be bittersweet - I don't imagine everyone would actually want to be stripped of it - even at the cost of personal freedom and individuality. Heresy; I know, but there it is.

Funny to see the captain's interaction with such a highly telepathic being as an Andorian - that they're not fending each other off telepathically says a lot to me about the trust they have established. I imagine the temptation to "put feelers out" as it were - must be strong to both.
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