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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

Yeah it's a done deal now. Like I said yesterday it probably was going to be finalized this week, didn't think it'd be this soon though. I think since they've used Ultimate Fury they could easily use Ultimate Carol Danvers (who was Fury's second and now is Shield Director) and introduce her as a Shield agent with a limited role that could be built up in future movies and over other films? I dunno. Carol has become one of my favorite Avengers characters over the years so I'd like to see her. Interesting though now the movie has two women that Tony has been romantically linked to over the years in Tasha and Maria. It'd be funny if Carol was signed. Do we know if Agent Jimmy Woo is going to be part of this? He's one of my favorite Shield agents too that Bendis has used in some event books and in Ultimate Spider-Man. I'm very excited for this movie.
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