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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

Kapoor knew she should contact someone in the Federation. She didn't do it for one reason; not Karama, not Jarol, not Brenok, not Zamarran. She didn't do it because she was afraid. She was on a Cardassian warship, orbiting Cardassia Prime. She knew they would find about her contacting the Federation and she was not ready to give her life for a piece of information that would be known to everyone soon anyway. She was afraid what they'd do to her. Of torture.

After talking to Jarol (keep in mind that in her mind Jarol isn't such a monster as for you ), she realised that it's not that bad. One of coup participants came to her to talk to her, to give her a chance to leave if she wanted, and answered her questions. This had a huge impact on her.
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