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ENTER: Avatar Contests: The Shipment / Columbia

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In the Episode contest, HopefulRomantic just barely manages to squeak in a victory () with her stunning Uniformed T'Pol....

In second place, we have a three way tie between I am Surak (with another T'Pol entry), Skywalker (with his guide to spotting non-Abrams timeline variations) and star (with somebody who is not T'Pol without a shirt on).

In the Theme Contest, Praetor Shinzon also manages a close win with his trip into Vulcan religion....

HopefulRomantic comes in second place, with Cowboy Archer looking like he just stepped onto the set of a Spaghetti Western....

Congrats to our winners and thanks to everyone who entered and voted!
Thank you kindly for the votes. Wonderful entries last week from everyone.

And back we go to the next episode, "The Shipment," in which we find out there are some Xindi who are not out to get us.

For the theme, my co-winner Praetor_Shinzon has suggested "Columbia," anything to do with Enterprise's sister ship.

The entry thread will be open until sometime this weekend, depending on the wealth of entries you good folks provide.

I'll start things off:



Same rules as for board avatars: max 140x140p and 140k size.

Let's see some avatars!
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