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Re: Top Gear New Series

Roger Wilco wrote: View Post
Actually that pissed me off a little too because it's such an idiotic point of view, but of course it was a deliberate provocation and I'm not letting myself get trolled by Clarkson.
For the sake of discussion though:
1) cyclists do pay for roads too since roads are primarily financed through the general tax pool, road tax doesn't even come close to covering the costs
1a) and even if that were not the case, I'm paying for lots of shit I don't need too; public schools for example.
2) if roads were only used by cyclists they would only need minimal maintenance, if at all. Roads get damaged by heavy vehicles, not by bikes, so why should they pay any more than pedestrians pay for roads?
3) Bicycles are vehicles with equal rights to cars for the most part and getting cut off is dangerous. I kind of doubt Clarkson is as big an asshole on the road as the character he plays on Top Gear, but people who do things like should know that it's not a joke to play with other people's lives.
Yeah, also it's completely pointless to complain about it because Clarkson is very nearly always shown to be an idiot with stupid opinions.
And their call for war on poverty is a smokescreen we don't need, cos the only war worth fighting for is a war on their pure greed. : Acid Country - Paul Heaton
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