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Re: Official Description and Cover up for DTI: Watching the Clock

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So, out of curiosity, is this kind of an anthology type book with several short stories of the DTI?
Not exactly, but there is some element of that. My basic intent was to do a sort of a procedural tale with several parallel plotlines as various characters dealt with various cases showing the full range of the DTI's responsibilities. But it ended up with a more elaborate story structure than that.

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Huh? Is that worse than her actually being as cowardly as she seemed to be in TOS, saying "Captain, I'm frightened" all the time?
I think it's made worse by her admitting that she did this deliberately.
It also casts a bad light on Kirk, or on her opinion of him.
But that's not the same thing as saying it makes her look like a complete idiot. That's what puzzles me. Saying it makes her look deceptive or devious, I could understand. But idiocy is just the opposite, isn't it? A complete idiot would be incapable of thinking deviously.

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[...] and unimaginative government employees [...]
Now that can't be right, can it?
In this line of work, dealing with phenomena that can shatter your very notions of reality and threaten your sanity if you think about them too closely, too much imagination can be a liability.

See, I didn't want to make Lucsly and Dulmur over into traditional Star Trek action heroes. I wanted to embrace their onscreen portrayal as drab, by-the-book bureaucrats -- and to make it a virtue.
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