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Re: Official Description and Cover up for DTI: Watching the Clock

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But I liked your dialogues in Ex Machina (which was quite good overall, even though you made Uhura look like a complete idiot with her comment about play-acting the 'damsel in distress')
Huh? Is that worse than her actually being as cowardly as she seemed to be in TOS, saying "Captain, I'm frightened" all the time?

so I think may give this one a shot - if you built your dialogues for Dulmur and Lucsley on their rather dry conversations with Sisko and each other in 'Trials and Tribble-ations'.
That was definitely my launching point, along with Bill Leisner's "Gods, Fate, and Fractals" in Strange New Worlds II (which is a fun Dragnet pastiche).

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Is there a possibility of this becoming a series or is only going to be a one time thing?
As usual, that depends on how well this one sells. When I wrote it, I intended it to be my only book on the subject. But inevitably, after having lived in the DTI's world and with its characters for a while, I've come up with some thoughts on where I could go next and wouldn't mind revisiting these guys.
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