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Re: Official Description and Cover up for DTI: Watching the Clock

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^That's fair. To be sure, in a lot of ways this is my most continuity-heavy book ever. But in other ways, it's my most original Trek novel ever, since the protagonists are either barely-developed one-shot guest characters or entirely original characters. And the Temporal Cold War stuff is just one of multiple "cases" that the DTI investigates in the course of this novel.
You are not selling your book very well to this fan
But I liked your dialogues in Ex Machina (which was quite good overall, even though you made Uhura look like a complete idiot with her comment about play-acting the 'damsel in distress'), so I think may give this one a shot - if you built your dialogues for Dulmur and Lucsley on their rather dry conversations with Sisko and each other in 'Trials and Tribble-ations'.
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