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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

1. Alien 3 (assembly cut) - B
2. Let the Right One In - A
3. Inception - B.
4. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - B+
5. Lilo and Stitch - A
6. Despicable Me - B
7. Forbidden Planet - B+
8. Clerks - B

9. Metropia - C+. Serviceable CG-animated film noir / dystopian future hybrid with an interesting visual style- everyone basically looks like hyper-detailed bobble-head dolls. Was fairly entertaining but nothing is really outstanding about it that I can strongly recommend it.

10. Brand Upon the Brain - B. My adventures into surrealistic film-watching continue. This is my first Guy Maddin film. Effectively explores the issues of adolescent sexuality in the context of a mystery set around a creepy orphanage on a fictitious Canadian island. The visual style is like a mix of silent-era movie making with German expressionism thrown in and modern film touches used sparingly and almost as a special effect. Makes particularly good use of a line repeated throughout the film "you will see everything twice" where a shot is shown out of context early in the movie and then is repeated later and with some impact when seen in context with the story. Demonstrates an interesting vision by the director and makes me want to check out more of his work.
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