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Re: Official Description and Cover up for DTI: Watching the Clock

Smellincoffee wrote: View Post
Glad they stuck with that cover. It's a beaut.
If that is actually the final cover, I'm surprised. It was supposed to be just one image element of a more elaborate cover.

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Have been looking forward to this, and the cover looks snazzy. However wouldn't the most thankless job in Starfleet be as agents of Section 31
I don't know, but that first sentence in the blurb contains an error. DTI is not in Starfleet. It's a branch of the civilian government of the Federation. Hopefully that'll get fixed in the final cover.

Bishop76 wrote: View Post
I'm a bit torn.

I really find time travel obnoxious for the most part (and usually it leaves some pretty big plot holes laying about) and I'm not a big fan of the TCW (unless the nature of it is explained in this novel, I'm still not even sure what the hell it was supposed to be about).
Well, that's the idea. This book is about filling in a lot of those plot holes, making more sense of the physics, logistics, history, and politics of time travel.

Also, I wish we could have gone with different characters. Mulder and Scully... really? It was cute in one episode, but I'm not sure about them as main characters of a book.
Aside from the letters of their surnames, the characters of Lucsly and Dulmur as seen in "Trials and Tribble-ations" bear no resemblance to Scully and Mulder. They're more like Joe Friday and Bill Gannon from Dragnet -- and maybe a bit like Spock and Kirk if they were equal in rank (and if it's the no-nonsense early first-season Kirk). I also drew from such literary pairings as Holmes & Watson and Phileas Fogg & Passepartout. I did not draw on Mulder & Scully in the slightest degree. I understood from the start that if these characters were to carry a novel, they needed to be more than an in-joke. Besides, I was never much of an X-Files fan.
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