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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

On February 5th 2011, filming was completed at the Albany bridge set for "The Engineer's New Clothes," starring Mario Pagan. Using the Panasonic DV900, filming of the two and a quarter page vignette took two hours under Randy Landers' direction, and it was a good experience. We used a different tripod (Mario had one) and the Panasonic in HQ mode. We also used a different lighting system, a 500W unit which is less light than we normally use, but I think it worked well. We also get our first look at a crewmember's quarters and even a sonic shower! The remaining scenes for the vignette will star William Walker as Chief Engineer Barton and will be shot at a green screen facility in Atlanta. This episode will be produced and edited by William Walker and is expected to be released after "Miscommunication."

Next weekend, on February 12th, 2011, filming will begin on the vignette, "Miscommunication," starring Stephanie Burke. This is an exciting short film as a landing party comes under attack! This vignette will also introduce a few new characters and cast members. Filming will take place at a wooded area on private property in Leesburg, Georgia. This episode will be filmed, directed and produced by William Walker, and was written by David Eversole. Filming is expected to be complete in one afternoon.
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