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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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As for the sounds of Cardassian... Well, it is not just foreign language, it is a foreign species language based on non-mammalian biology. I guess their language can have anything in it
Mine has a few unusual sounds, too--though they're mainly of the sibilant, hissing variety. (Not sure I've ever heard the "rh" sound anywhere!) And of course mine have sign language, too--though in the canon universe they don't advertise that fact to foreigners.

But I was just checking to see if you meant that description literally--as in, those were phonemes, not just interjections that occur between sentences, like the various sounds that any person makes, that aren't words. If they're actually phonemes...I wonder how much trouble that'll give Kapoor in learning to pronounce it!
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