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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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Out of the folks I've met, I'd say Brent Spiner is the absolute worst experience ever. And from what I've heard & seen from folks who have met him, mine wasn't an isolated thing, he's always a dick at conventions.
I have to say, I'm disappointed, but not surprised. He seems to be a sardonic, sarcastic, snarky kind of guy. But he seems to get a nice sense of humor if put in the right mood.

I think he reacts so coldly to the people who ask him about Data's death because he's likely explained the reasons a hundred times and asked about the same thing by nearly all the fans that have met him -- if that were me I'd start getting irritated too!

Anyway, this thread is incredibly useful, as I've never been to a convention as of yet. I'll still look forward to it, I think.
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