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Re: I really Like "Carbon Creek"

I think it's pretty awful in general. It was clearly made on-the-cheap and the writing was pretty bad. I think if you're going to stick Vulcans on earth in the 50s, you need to ramp up the comedy a bit more, otherwise we're just watching another episode where the "crew" (in this case the Vulcans) need to find some way off a primitive planet without letting the natives know who they are. There were funny moments, but not a lot. There was a heartfelt moment or two as well, but ultimately the episode just felt like a waste of time. Particularly because it wasn't about any of the characters in the show.

I did like the ending though, UNTIL T'Pol pulled out the handbag. I would have much rather it been left up in the air as to whether or not she was screwing with them.
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