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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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Out of the folks I've met, I'd say Brent Spiner is the absolute worst experience ever. And from what I've heard & seen from folks who have met him, mine wasn't an isolated thing, he's always a dick at conventions.
Was he really?

Could you elaborate on what happened?
Waitin' in line for Brent Spiner's signature at a scifi con back in October '04, the guy in line ahead of me is tellin' Spiner that he was really sorry to see Data killed off in Nemesis, because that was his favorite character. Spiner does this guffaw, bark of a laugh & tells the guy that Data was just a fictional character, not a real person.

And that's the sort of thing I've heard over & over again from folks who have met him.

I say no one is waitin' to get an 8x10 of his guest spot of Criminal Intent or Joey signed. Its Data fans he's goin' to meet, and if he has a car payment to make or whatever, than he should suck it up & try to be a little nicer for a day or two to the folks that come out to meet the guy who played a fan favorite character.

That makes me rather upset because I have so looked forward to seeing him one day. He's one of my favorite Trek actors.
He was one of mine, too, 'til I met him. It took me awhile to get back to likin' Data, too.

I'm glad Wil Wheaton is nice, I've wanted to meet him, too.
Wil Wheaton is awesome, sauced. Seriously, if he comes to your area, for a scifi con, screenin' or book readin', go see him. Ya won't be disappointed & may even come back with a higher opinion of Wesley Crusher.
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