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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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^But by that, do you mean actors they already know and like or actors who they like when they sit down and watch the movie, even if they've never previously heard of them?
Either. They'd care more about whether they enjoyed the story than about what elements were used from a pre-existing mythology they might have little familiarity with.

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How can we possibly know that?
I meant the weight of opinion amongst fandom. You're right that the general public wouldn't have the same point of view.
The same objection applies. How can we know what the weight of opinion in fandom actually is? A few dozen people posting on bulletin boards are not a statistically representative sample of the entire fan community. It's far too small a sample, and far too biased since it's not a random sampling. It only shows what the subset of fandom that chooses to participate actively on computer bulletin boards thinks. That can't be assumed to be the same thing that fandom as a whole thinks.
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