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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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It's possible they are only setting up Zod, Ursa, etc. in this installment and alluding a bigger appearance in a sequel. We don't know what involvement they might have, if any (providing that article has a shred of credence, which it might not).

If this film centers mostly around Clark's origins, it is possible that Zod, Ursa and other Kryptonians have a presence but aren't the actual villains this time around.
Except that's exactly what the Richard Donner films did. What's the point in repeating it?

Out Of My Vulcan Mind wrote: View Post
Yeah, most people want to see villains who have never been featured on the big screen before.
How can we possibly know that? Even if most of the people posting on Internet bulletin boards have expressed that opinion, that's probably a few dozen individuals here and there. The opinions voiced on the Internet cannot be considered a statistically representative sample of the opinions of the mass audience.

I think most people in the general moviegoing public are more interested in what actors appear in a movie than what characters do. As long as the bad guy is an actor they like, they won't care if the character's name is Luthor or Zod or the Ultra-Humanite or Melvin Coznowfski.
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