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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Everyone wants to see Zod. Snyder said right away that Zod wouldn't be the villain in the movie so I'm not sure how Ursa is going to factor into this. I just find it hard to believe anything that's been reported right now.
I'm not sure that "everyone" wants to see Zod. He has been in two movies and also on Smallville already. He has gotten more big screen exposure than other villains like Brainiac, Doomsday, Darkseid, Metallo, Parasite, Bizarro, etc. I would prefer they open up the rogues' gallery so we can see more villains besides Lex and Zod.

Don't get me wrong, I love the character, based on Terence Stamp's portrayal. I think he has also been rendered well recently in the Last Son and New Krypton comic book arcs. Didn't like the Lex-Zod or Major Zod from Smallville.

From the latinoreview link, its not a strong denial that Zod won't be in the movie. Synder said it was just a rumor, for now. So its possible he will be in the movie. Or it could be Ursa, perhaps as a stalking horse for Zod? She might be trying to free him like in the STAS show with Mala and Jax'Or. I wouldn't mind if Ursa or Faora were the main villain. It would be different, and a nice change to have a strong female villain for Superman, a Kryptonian to boot. Might also add some sexual tension besides the predictable Superman/Clark-Lois thing. With Ursa or another Kryptonian female (preferably not his cousin), Clark could be tempted by the idea of continuing the Kryptonian race.
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