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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

It's possible they are only setting up Zod, Ursa, etc. in this installment and alluding a bigger appearance in a sequel. We don't know what involvement they might have, if any (providing that article has a shred of credence, which it might not).

If this film centers mostly around Clark's origins, it is possible that Zod, Ursa and other Kryptonians have a presence but aren't the actual villains this time around.

It would be slightly comedic and ironic, though, if Kryptonians are the villains of the film since Superman Returns co-writer Michael Doughterty basically admitted that Kryptonians would have been the villains for the proposed Returns sequel which had the alleged working title The Man of Steel. I would just find it funny that after all the negative backlash Superman Returns received from fans, that the next big screen incarnation of Superman would essentially have the same villains as the Returns sequel would have had with (tentatively) the same title.
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