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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

Krause's worry that the Cardassians won't try hard enough sounds exactly like what I said. And if he knows there's the possibility they have Ordinance Fifty-Three up their sleeves, I have a feeling that would've influenced his decision not to call for help sooner. From his perspective, how little would it take for the Cardassians to use it on them? In that light it makes total sense how firm he's being with them. And it also makes sense that they would see sending someone as young as Demok to help them as an insult.

Unfortunately, there is some very ugly racism in Krause's perspective too--so whatever legitimate concerns he has (and I think some of them very much are), he's still an ass.

Completely the opposite--Borad's love notes are CUTE!

It's interesting that Borad is allowing T'Sarik to look and see just how far those sensors reach into Federation territory (or at least the range the Cardassians are allowing her to see). Undoubtedly she will be able to conjecture from that just how much further those sensors could reach...

And now they're getting ready to violate Federation territory. This could either be for a very good reason (someone innocent to save), or there could be someone trying to lure them into exactly this, to void the treaty. Such a person could be either Federation or Cardassian--OR Klingon. (Who says Klingons don't sneak, despite their propaganda?) There are parties on all three sides with good reasons to want to void the treaty.

Oh, and as a random detail...your Cardassian men now have the freedom to do their hair the way they want?
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