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Gokaiger's 6th ranger is revealed in toy catalog

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-GokaiSilver is the 6th Ranger

-Transformer with the GokaiCellular. Able to achieve a "Complete Form", becoming GokaiGold. Comes with the GokaiSilver key.

-GokaiSpear; GokaiSilver's weapon. Has a 3-step transformation. Comes with DragonRanger key

-GokaiSilver to GokaiGold Henshin Figure. Comes with GokaiGold transformation key.

-6th Ranger Weapons Set (ZyuSouken and Rocket Booster, etc.)

-Ranger Key Sets 2 and 3. (This lists 3 as the full Goranger team)

-Joint Gattai DekarangerRobo, MagiKing, and later on, ShinkenOh and DaiZyuJin

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