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Re: My random website.

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First, props for hand coding your first website. As I suspect you are already aware, the color scheme is jarring and unattractive. Sites like Kuler and Colour Lovers can provide inspiration on that front.

The biggest problem though is your font selection. Comic Sans?, just no. It's ugly and you're telling the viewer not to take you seriou-- it's ugly. Even if it was a desirable font, only Windows has it so a lot of browsers won't render it, as you can see from this collection of screenshots of your website from various browsers:
Not even every Windows user has Comic Sans. I actually purposely delete it when I install Windows, because nobody should ever use Comic Sans. It's the de-facto amateur computer user font (with no offense at all intended, as I'm generalizing here).
I am completely demoralized and heartbroken. For many years my AOL/AIM font has been Comic Sans Bold. Everyone I talk to likes it. Now I find out that it is ugly and no one is taking me seriously and amateurish. My psyche may never recover... Can anyone recommend a good discount psychologist? I cannot afford a psychiatrist, they charge too much.
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