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Re: Conan falls, Leno still #1

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Craig however is consistently funny night after night and one of the better interviewers in terms of connecting with a guest and giving you a sense of their personalities.
The difference between Ferguson and other late-night hosts is that while most late-night talk show appearances are pretty heavily scripted (the guest's handlers give the producers notes on what's to be talked about), Ferguson just doesn't give a flip, and he actually has an honest-to-God conversation with his guests. (And sometimes, like when Kristen Bell is on the show, it's absolute gold.) Conan's probably the next best interviewer, or at least tied with Letterman, but there's a pretty distinct style difference.

Of course, it's also why Ferguson would never, ever be considered to host The Late Show after Letterman retires / dies in the middle of a taping.
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