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Re: classic Who should be in colour..

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actually I think that some of the charm was the fact that you could take a half hour of Doctor who in, and then go back to work, with anticipation for the next day's lunch hour..

much of the magic lost on the classic who was the colours depicting the 60's mauve era..psychadelics and such that were in some episodes.. would the impact of the classic star trek have been such had it been in black and white only?? what about the zaniness of the classic lost in space.. originally it too was in black and white, and yet, the colourised version is what most people purchase on DVD..

all I am saying is to give those of us who prefer colourised episodes the option, to not at least have the option is pretty horrible.. let the fans decide which version they prefer..

if the few colourised episodes don't sell very well, then don't do more, and then at least it was tried.. but to not even allow 1 release in colour is just closed minded, and tyrannical in action by the BBC..
What nonsense - why should there be an option for something that never existed.

I've heard the BBC be criticised for a lot of things but for not colourising B&W TV must be the most absurd.

Where are these fans who desperately want to see it in colour!? If you can't cope with watching it in B&W, stop watching 60's Who.
wow...I mean, just wow.. that shut me up..

ummm.. yeah nonsense??..that is why black and white TV has colourising as an industry.. cause no one wants are so right ..

"where are these fans who desperately want it in colour?"
that's an easy argument to make isn't it..

like I have statistics or something laying around...where is your proof that no one in this entire world except I, want colourised Doctor Who from the 60's??

why should there be an option for something that never existed.
if we followed that logic, the world would be a pretty dull place..
What colourising industry - I know Turner have done it and some US TV shows but I'm not aware of any British TV or films being colourised - colour recovery yes but nothing else.

I don't have a problem with the BBC adding bits as they have - like the CGI in Dalek Invasion (though I have no real interest in watching it myself) but there's a big difference between that and demanding that there should be colourised episodes and calling the BBC tyrannical as a result.

Given that the 60's DVDs have comparable sales to the 70's & 80's ones why would the BBC have any reason to believe that people want this anyway. There's absolutely no evidence that many people are interested and Doctor Who fans are pretty vocal when they want something!
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