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Re: No Strings Attached - Grading & Discussion

Yeah, it came out two weeks ago, but I finally got around to seeing this. I'm already a big Natalie Portman fan, but Natalie in a romantic comedy about casual sex? This is something I definately had to see right away. It's not the kind of project you would have seen her in 11 or 12 years ago when her likeability was based mostly on the perception that she was a straight-laced girl who was above all this "sexual stuff". Had this come out back then, her fans would have gone ballistic.

Anyway, I don't have a lot to say about it. You can probably guess where it goes anyway... Girl and guy decide to get together every now and then just for sex, but discover that they can't do so without becoming emotionally involved and end up in an actual relationship. The story is straightforward and it's also a bit on the tame side. At least it's a little more tame than what I was expecting. It's got a sex scene with Natalie, a lot of sexual talk and it touches on the sex lives of late 20-somethings, but it's not overly sexual, nor is it laugh-a-minute or raunchy. Like I said, it's pretty tame. As for the lead characters and performances, Ashton Kutcher was quite good, but Natalie? She came off at times the way Hayden Christensen did in Star Wars. In other words, she couldn't totally pull off everything she needed to and I'm not talking about her underwear. I loved seeing her in the role anyway. I mean Natalie Portman in a casual sex movie? It was worth it. Plus, her character did have moments where a bit of depth came through. Her character was the one who instigated this whole casual relationship thing and we got to see a little of why she wants it this way and what makes her tick. If you're a Natalie Portman fan, I'd recomend checking this out, otherwise, it's not all that earth-shattering.

Anyone else see this? Anyone?

Anyone plan to see it?
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