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After watching this week's episode, more and more I'm feeling this totally contrived/staged. So you have these auctions in Las Vegas, and these 4 same guys go from LA to Vegas for these auctions, with the same auction company conducting auction. Just seems staged to me. Maybe not so much the actual bidding, but it seems they (the producers) are setting it up to make sure these 4 guys are going up against each other.
Well, I guess that's the "price" you pay for having a reality show with a "cast." So it seems a bit "natural" for the same auction company and bidders to show up for remote auctions. The bidding part, what's in them, etc. isn't likely to be set-up (and IIUC, cannot be due to the rules/laws of reality shows of this nature) but yeah the where/when of the auctions certainly seems set-up.
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