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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

10. Due Date: B+
11. Planet of the Apes(2001): B-
12. Faster: C
13. Romance: D (French film, subtitled)

This has to be the most mistitled or badly translated title possible. There is nothing "romantic" about the film. It really plays as a slightly bit more than soft core porn film with a plot. I expected some nudity from the description, and am not a prude by any stretch, but what we got just didn't fit with the films title.

An unmarried couple living together where the man has decided to forgo sex for reason(s) that seem to be athletic reason but then I doubted that. Not sure if I even recall what it was he did? So the woman is horny as all get out but doesn't want to cheat but suspects he's breaking his vow and having sex elsewhere. Yet she loves him too much too leave him.

Of course the film must build but she starts with a make out session with random guy in a coffee shop. Then later sex with that same guy but the scense are not loving or even enticing. She lays there and complains about things while he's ramming her from behind??

She gets raped in a hallway.
Then consents to some bondage with an older man whom she already knew.
Now the boyfriend is suspect and lashes out by having sex with her but not ejaculating...or fully cause she ends up preggers.

To cap the movie off we see the child born in a straight off manner that would've made any Anatomy 101 class edu film. Afterbirth and all comes sliding out.

A 'D' grade my really be too generous.
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