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Re: What games are you playing currently?

I've been blowing through a number of games that I had stopped part way through to focus on some other game. Mostly the single player campaign for shooters: ODST, MoH, MW2, and Black Ops. I've enjoyed them all to varying degrees MW2's story is the most of the bunch. And Black Ops is easily my favorite single player campaign for a CoD game yet.

The MoH playthrough was on hard, which was surprisingly easy. Enough so that I was wondering if I had goofed on the difficulty choice until I got the achievement for hard mode at the end. Though, it's probably because of how scripted the game is, how confined the levels are, etc. There was nothing unexpected the second time around.

I do have to say I enjoy how relatively down to earth the MoH series is. It's still not exactly realism, but Call of Duty has gotten really out there, especially with the Modern Warfare games.

I'm currently working on the single player for BF:BC2 right now, and enjoying that, as well. I'm finding that with a lot of the games that I skipped over 3 years ago to work on something else, I've lost most interest in them. I need to maybe stop buying so many games.
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