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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

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At the risk of sounding like a prude, but just how much naked Natalie Portman is there?
Admittedly not much.
And there goes any motivation I had in seeing that movie.
Agreed. Probably a DVD release for me, plus I ain't a huge fan of Kutcher.

6. Animal Kingdom (2010) - A
7. Black Swan (2011) - A+
8. Raising Arizona (1987) - B-
9. The Expendables (2010) - C-
10. True Grit (2011) - A-

Found Raising Arizona to be a little slow for the first 30 minutes, but both Cage and Hunter were great in the film. (Kinder forgot to post something about this when I saw it two weeks ago)

The Expendables - it was okay. Could have been a lot better. But I ain't a huge fan of Stallone.

And finally Coen's version of True Grit. Awesome - but kept on looking at my watch. Definely not my favourite Coen brothers film. Their traditional humor was there. I kept on wondering where Brolin was, as never got around to seeing Wayne version.
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