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Re: The Time Lord Compendium

Davros wrote: View Post
This looks a lot better than the old Doctor Who Technical Manual from the 80s. Great work
thanks man, I appreciate the support, there is plenty more to come..plenty more

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
I love this.
thanks admiral! I will get with you soon on that commission..

I have worked all night to sanctify this gift!!!

Here is a more refined version of the tardis concept design..

a better description of this form is the time travel capsule..

think of the word tardis as the explanation of the entire machine..

the relative dimension.. (a massive space-time ship in an artificially generated dimension mapped over by a small n-space interface)

tardis describes the entire system..
while time travel capsule is the actual machine..

a good example:

warp drive spaceship = Tardis
Capital ship=time travel capsule

anyways a full replacement schematic will be coming for page 26 of the tl compendium soon..

" We will ascend, to become creatures of consciousness alone. Free of these bodies, free of time, and cause and effect, while creation itself ceases to be.." -Lord President Rassilon

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