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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

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My brother and I watch occasionally because of Alica Silverstone. I still find it amusing that they decided to change Babs character and make her Alfred's niece. Probably because they came to the conclusion that the Pat Hingle Gordon wouldn't have any family lol. I never viewed him as a family man.
Well, in fairness, Gordon was never a major player in that series. Also, since one of the themes of that movie was the notion of family, recasting Babs as a relative of Alfred helped tighten that theme to bring it home a little bit more.

My favorite scene in "Batman and Robin" is when Barbara discovers who Bruce is. It's just so over the top and ridiculous. Why on Earth would a computer project a green light show practically announcing to anyone in the room that they're Batman and Robin!!!
It is kinda like in Batman Returns when the Bat Signal shined several spotlights (as mini Bat Symbols) shine in practically every room in Wayne Manor. Good thing Bruce wasn't having a charity event!
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