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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

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Does Robin really have to be a Boy Wonder?
Quoted for truth. One of the things that Schumacher films seems to be unfairly criticized for was making Robin older. There are plenty of things to criticize those films for, but this isn't one of them, imho.

In a comic, having a 13 year-old Robin works because it is a comic. The suspension of disbelief can stretch further. In a live-action movie, that suspension of disbelief isn't as strong to allow a 13 year-old to fight along side Batman.

How old was Robin suppose to be in BF/B&R, anyway? 18? 19? I know Chris O'Donnell was in his mid-20s, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood from casting people in their 20s as later teens.

Also, did they ever call Robin "Boy Wonder" in those films? Or indicate that Bruce took him on as his ward? From what I remember, Bruce basically offered him a place to stay since his family was gone and Dick had no real place to go (of course the shared experience of their parents dying undoubtedly fueled that).

Wow...that was quite the tangent.

That being said, Nolan has stated time and again that Robin won't be in his take on Batman. As such, I don't expect Robin to show up a Nolan Batman film.
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