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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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At least they're good actors.
Well, so is Johnny Depp.

Not when he's working with Burton...
Lately? Yeah.

I loved the College Humor video of the meeting of Burton and his "creative team" and Elfman bit is hilarious because Elfman has gotten pretty much in the same Rehash/Reuse Rut that Burton is, only not nearly as bad.

Sort of a double-edged sword here. It can be argued that pretty much every director reuses the same cast and crew members he's has success with. Spielberg, Howard, Burton, Cameron, Nolan plenty of others have lots of commonalities between each movie usually reusing actors, reusing production people, score writers, etc. But Burton, rightfully, gets picked on because he's done it down right mundane levels. Most other directors will use those same elements but will actually, maybe, make things a bit different here and there or at the very least make a good story.

Burton? He's playing "paint by numbers" at this point and he's not even doing it to tell a good story or to tell a good story in an interesting or new way. Basically, Burton is phoning it in.

So, yeah, Nolan is resuing the same actors and production people but at the very least he's telling good stories and making movies worth seeing.
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