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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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I managed to read both of the Deep Space Nine Relaunch novels he wrote (he wrote 'Olympus Descending' in Worlds of Deep Space Nine: Volume 3, in addition to 'Twilight') but disliked the first of his Star Trek: Crucible novels
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and not everyone is going to (or should) agree with me...


Provenance of Shadows is my second favorite TrekLit (first being another DRGIII work, Serpent Among the Ruins). It was an incredibly beautiful look at the life of Leonard McCoy (one that "was" and one that "could have been"). I don't know of any other work that has ever so fully captured the true essence of a character as that book did with Doctor McCoy.

I understand that you may not like "overly" wordy descriptions or the like (and DRGIII can definitely be...wordy—I think PoS is still the longest TrekLit novel to date), but all those words definitely contributed to the tapestry of that book.

To each their own, though, I guess.

As for your opinions regarding the two stories in Rough Beasts, I agree that the Sisko portion of the book definitely seemed off and out of place. I would much rather have seen that story as its own novel (and fleshed out a little more). But the Spock/Romulan portions of the book were thoroughly enjoyable. One can never get enough of devious Romulans or noble Romulans.
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