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^ I get why Nolan said what he said regarding the Penguin character (the 'freak Penguin' that's been included, in one shape or form, in most of the on-scren portrayals of Batman since 1992), Christopher, even if I disagree with him.
Sure, I could buy some ignorant newcomer who only knew Batman from movies believing that the Penguin was intrinsically a freakish fantasy character, but I would've thought, given how closely the first two Nolan Bat-films were rooted in comics lore, that Nolan himself would be sufficiently familiar with the comics not to make such a fundamental mistake about the Penguin's nature. That's why it surprises me.

And "most of the on-screen portrayals" since '92? Let's see:

Batman Returns (Danny DeVito): Freakish mutant.
Batman: The Animated Series (Paul Williams): Based on Tim Burton's design, but true to his debonair comics incarnation in personality.
The New Batman Adventures/Superman: TAS (Paul Williams/David Ogden Stiers): Redesigned with his classic comics look, squat and long-nosed but not a mutant.
The Batman (Tom Kenny): Based on Burton's design again, but even scruffier.
Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Steven Root): Faithful to his Silver Age design.

Three out of five is technically "most," I suppose, but it feels like an overstatement. In fact, I'd call it two and a half out of five, since B:TAS seemed to be going with Burton's design only grudgingly and otherwise portraying the Penguin as if he were the comics character.

And of course if we throw in the pre-1992 screen depictions of the Penguin -- Burgess Meredith, the Filmation cartoons, Hanna-Barbera's The Super Powers Team -- then the "standard" depictions of the Penguin outnumber the Burtonesque ones five to three (or five and a half to two and a half).
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