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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I bet Fabio would play Chopra at home to Reading on a wet Tuesday night though.

Seriously, Dave Jones, what the hell were you thinking!? The man's on fire!

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas too, what a waste of time he is. We gave Andy Keogh a lot of stick but Christ at last he could control the ball. Back to Arsenal with him! Lee Naylor too, but he's a lost cause. Woeful, possibly the worst full-back we've ever had.

Derby day on Sunday, live on the BBC. Neither Cardiff nor Swansea has ever doubled the other, so let's hope that continues. Blowing it at home to Reading (though in fairness, we did hit the bar twice and hit at least 4 shots inches wide) in conjunction with the rest of the top 6 all winning was NOT good.
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