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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Another day of Fabio digging that grave a little deeper...

Despite being a friendly, hes left Micah Richards, Martin Kelly, Walker and Rodwell out of squad. The bit that really pisses me off means with 3 RB's in U21, Glen Johnson will remain at RB with no challenge despite the fact hes been shit most of season and playing at left back for Liverpool for last few games. Micah look good when he came on against France for his 1st cap in 3 years but no no no thats not good enough still.

Fabio refuses to even look at Rodwell in training BUT expect him to call up Gerrard for a pointless match with a player barely match fit due to a big injury last November followed by a 3 match suspension shortly after coming back. Lampard will probably come back too, ooo brave new changed England.

Fabio stop digging, give me the spade and let me just smack you over the head and get it over with.
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