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[GAME] Follow the Leader 2.0

To play, your answer must be connected to the previous answer in some way. The connection must then be given in parentheses below the answer in your post.

A few examples:


Next Poster:
Bird of Prey
(Another Star Trek ship)

The next poster might respond with:
Cloaking Device
(Technology used by a Bird of Prey)

And the next poster:
“The Emperor's New Cloak”
(An episode of DS-9 that features a cloaking device)

And the next:
(A character featured in that episode of DS-9)

Please remember that each poster may only give five answers per day in this thread.


And to get us started, here is the last answer given by Satyrquaze in the previous thread…

Vendetta by: PAD
(also starts with a V)
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