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Re: The Time Lord Compendium

This is a crude colour concept for the Tardis (Time Travel Capsule) Idea I have been toying with for the time lord compendium.. this design is going to be the basis for the actual schematic I have uploaded previously.. so that will be changing, sorry.. it is basically the same design..

I wanted to remove the rods from the warp engines, and place them separately in between those areas..

I did 2 coloured versions..a white version for those who like the classic Tardis look, and prefer to think of it as a white ship kinda like the Federation vessels in Star Trek and Star wars ships.. it seemed to fit a classic narrative..

but I also have a mock up of the orangish and reddish rust coloured version which mimics the only known time ship we have ever seen.. the Time Station Zenobia..courtesy of the trial of a time lord featuring the 6TH Doctor..

now, I happen to believe the Tardis is the Red colours.. and inside it can be whatever is needed..

now some have asked me, what about the jettisoning of the rooms?

that is simple, the rooms inside this structure simply cease to exist, and end up being converted into energy, which is then deposited into the vortex, and allows for the power boost the ship needs..

in the image above you see the opaque and drab swirl of gases and clouds and such that is the artificially generated dimension in which the actual Tardis ship exists.. (keep the phrase time travel capsule in mind)

below the ships we see the vortex event horizon generated by the massive containment sphere and the reverse gravitational generators at the base of the ship.. this is how the Doctor's Tardis moves in the vortex.. however, it also moves through it's gigantic warp engines which are on the sides of the ship's massive structure..

think of the Starship enterprise TOS version, but in glowing blue..

Yes the Tardis has warp engines, it is mentioned in the Tardis Handbook an officially licensed product from the BBC

the top of the ship has the massive reception antenna which receives a direct energy pulse from the eye of harmony on Gallifrey.. it is located at the top of the ship to feed into the copy held in the massive containment sphere below the ship.. this is to be controlled by the time column, and keep the ship from overloading with that energy.. the Tardis must release massive amounts of charged energy otherwise it's large engines could phase and explode.. if done so, it could rupture the time vortex (a massive artificially generated wormhole that spans the universe and is how time travel is possible..)

this happened in the Pandorica opens episode.. and is also a way that Rassilon was going to try and destroy reality by creating a rupture that would rip all of existence apart..

anyhow, a time travel capsule is basically a large self contained ship which sits in it's own dimension.. the dimension could go on for ever, and so could the ship if expanded.. the ship's skin is made from Validium a living metal created by Rassilon.. this metal grows and adheres to a specific computer response system, or an artificial mind like that of the Tardis.. it's controlled and molded to form the basic shell that is a time travel capsule.. easily repaired, and versatile..the perfect material to create a space ship which must suffer with no repairs in a ship yard, and to stand up against the immense forces of the time vortex, gravitational stresses, and loss of sections of it's skin due to unforeseen events..

the reason the Tardis is alive, is because of this living metal..this living metal is necessary to shield the ship from temporal events, being that it becomes a complicated time event through it's ability to exist outside of normal space and can amend it's existence unlike a simple inanimate object.. the Tardis can handle causality changes..

Picture this ship, sitting in it's own dimension..the massive warp engines revolving with brilliant colour, and below the vortex spinning and being manipulated by the massive reverse gravity engines below.. also spinning like the TOS Enterprise engines..

If I could get this done in 3D that would be awesome, as it is, this is a rough draft..since I do not know how to do 3D, this will have to do to convey what I meant..

the time vortex is small due to the sheer amount of power it took to create the beginning of Time lord history, the Time vortex was created by using the eye of harmony, and a living Probe similar to the hand of Omega.. the living probe flew into the artificial wormhole created by the eye of Harmony, and left from Gallifrey, to the end of the universe, and back.. in a massive circle that runs the length of all reality..round and round in loops getting smaller in circumference and then looping back to the beginning..hence the term "vortex" this took sooo much energy and dark matter to fill and keep open that only a small ship could travel within.. but it took tremendous power to move within this vortex at the speeds necessary to traverse the creation of a massive ship within it's own dimension was used, and the small doorway or box was perfect size to travel in the narrow time corridors..this is why the Time lords built their ships the way they are.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS.. I WISH I COULD DO 3D ART.. IT WOULD LOOK SOOOO AWESOME THAT WAY..Unfortunately though I am only left with what I know how to do..


the ship doesn't actually shuffle it's rooms..what happens is that sections of the corridors and pathways to parts of the ship are dimensional if you are on one side of the ship you can easily end up on the other side and make it to your destination instantly, instead of a turbo lift ala star the Doctor's Tardis, there is a fault in the system, and so these bridges sometimes end up changing at random.. some connections last for years, some change every hour, or minute..some respond to the Doctor's mind via telepathic circuits..


this Tardis works for both classic and New series and here is why:

This ship can be grown due to it's living metal shell, and the interior can become what ever the doctor makes of it via the architectural config system..which has a fault in it as well as the Dimensional bridge system. The Tardis used to update it's software on Gallifrey and then the interior of the ships were downloaded and any erroneous information like glitches in it's block math computations, or it's matter formulas were corrected.. since the Tardis is without the contact with the home planet's computer system, the machine has to scan other planets and use replacement parts that are easily replicated using simple matter re construction parts.. the simpler the object to replace the part, the easier the Tardis can repair itself..

imagine if the Enterprise D replicators began to break down, and all it could do was make simple foods like an apple, or pear.. as apposed to a complex dish like Ferengi spaghetti or some thing like that..
" We will ascend, to become creatures of consciousness alone. Free of these bodies, free of time, and cause and effect, while creation itself ceases to be.." -Lord President Rassilon

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