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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

Out of the folks I've met, I'd say Brent Spiner is the absolute worst experience ever. And from what I've heard & seen from folks who have met him, mine wasn't an isolated thing, he's always a dick at conventions.

On the positive side, I'd say that Wil Wheaton and Rene Auberjonois are the two best to meet. I've met Wil twice, two weeks apart, and he remembered me the second time. When I met Rene, it was an hour or so before his Q&A, and when I stepped up to ask a question at the Q&A, he remembered my name. Now that just put me on cloud nine right there.

Trek Folks I've Met (in order)
- Wil Wheaton
Nicest guy around, seriously.
- Brent Spiner
- Michael Dorn
Very quiet - I didn't have a good experience, but others who were at the same convention seemed to walk away with a positive memory.
- John de Lancie
Looks like an uncle, very polite when I talked to him.
- Chase Masterson
Just drop dead beautiful, and so sweet.
- Marina Sirtis
Gorgeous woman, and totally ignored how I embarrassed myself in front of her & Margot Kidder at lunch. And she had several good stories to tell, too bad the con didn't have a Q&A session for her.
- Gates McFadden
Very polite, but quiet.
- Dwight Shultz
Found out he hates his action figures.
- Alan Ruck
So very cool, and curious about how his character has been used in Trek Lit.
- Anne Lockhart
Lovely woman, and the proceeds from her table always go to charity.
- Leonard Nimoy
Very brief meetin' at a free promo screenin' of the latest Star Trek movie, but I loved watchin' it just four seats away from him.
- Rene Auberjonois
Very cool that he remembered my name at the Q&A, and proceeds from his table go to Doctors Without Borders.
- Dean Stockwell
Nice older guy, always takin' cigar breaks - it cracked me up to see him do that.
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