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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

Random thoughts regarding the 30 years (with a ten year gap in that range while I was raising my kids) that I've attended conventions and my opinions on various actors that I've seen/met.

-Shatner: Was polite. Much better than I expected. Spoke briefly, interacted occasionally with fans in line.
-Nimoy: polite but never looked up at anyone.
-Doohan: A riot. Very personable, and loads of fun.
-Koenig: Reserved. I think he's a bit shy.
-Nichols: Friendly and charming. When my middle girl was a baby, Nichols wanted to hold her. The shot made it on the news.
-Kelley: Saw him, but didn't get to interact. Too bad.
-Takei: Very fan-friendly and good natured.
-Robin Curtis. A real sweetheart. Even remembered my name hours later.

-Frakes: Another fan-friendly celeb. He interacts well with us.

-Brooks. Gave a good show, but I didn't get to interact with him.
-Visitor, Shimerman, Grodenchik, Eisenberg and Masterson were all friendly and fun guests.
-Alaimo. Didn't know what to make of us, I think. Reserved.
-Biggs: Very fan friendly and seemingly a hell of a nice guy. Easy on the eyes too.

- Beltran. A bit of a dick. Interacts, but it's clear that he and some of the other Voyager cast members weren't keen on the fans. I could fill a page about this guy. Hitting on my 19 year old daughter hard didn't help. He's older than her father.
- Phillips and Picardo. Also not keen on the fans, but they put on a good show. The three of them together? Whoo boy. I lost a lot of respect for all three.
- Tim Russ. Fine entertainer. A bit reserved.

- Blalock. An utter airhead and dumbass. Even my husband, a fan of her, didn't like her much.
- Trinneer. Like Biggs, very fan-friendly. Hung out in the bar with us and didn't mind people interacting.
- Keating. Funny as hell. Can't sing for shit.
- Montgomery. Was utterly wasted on Enterprise. Friendly, fun guy. They didn't use him properly. He was loads of fun.
- Billingsley. Another good entertainer at conventions.

So - it was a true mix. Some great, some shitty, most decent. Some have been pleasant surprises, some have been utter assholes and it has been interesting to meet so many of them, even if briefly.
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