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Re: Recommend your favorite Science or Technology book.

There are four books which I'm pretty sure I'll never be without...
Geometry: A Comprehensive Course by Dan Pedoe
An Introduction to Differential Geometry by T. J. Willmore
Riemannian Geometry by Manfredo P. do Carmo
Topics in Algebra by I. N. Herstein
When I lost my original collection of math books, these were the first books I set out to re-acquire (except Topics in Algebra, which I had with me when I lost the rest) because they cover the aspects of mathematics I find most important.

While I know most of what is covered in them (specially An Introduction to Differential Geometry and Riemannian Geometry), I always feel better having them within reach. And in the cases of Geometry and Topics in Algebra, they hold a lot of knowledge I'd really like to have a better mastery of than I currently possess.
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