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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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Patrick Stewart on the other hand ....

I dropped $60 on him (Chiller Theater Expo) for an autograph (not even personalized). It was the scene in The Inner Light where his wife dies. I picked it because Stewart's son was in the scene and was also signing autographs. There was nobody else there at the time so I started to tell Patrick about how much I enjoyed episode. He just stood up and walked away. What an .
I sympathise - must have been a bummer but I don't think one can make generalisations on these things (not that you are). It's obviously a matter of individual experience.

So FWIW, here's mine:

I've met Patrick Stewart at least two dozen times. At large conventions I've always found him to be a gentleman, friendly and polite - in a reserved kinda way.

In smaller group settings he's very personable, warm and chatty.

The whole autograph thingy with him can be a bit of hit and miss, depending on the circumstances. At big conventions, Stewart can be signing up to 500 or more at a sitting where he's being kept to a strict timetable. This ensures that any personal interaction is perfunctory. He signs up to do the autograph gig and he does it. I don't think he's contractually bound to also provide individually memorable experiences for every person who pays for the privilege.

At smaller conventions, particularly those outside the USA, I've found him to be far more relaxed. Seems to me that a lot of responsibility falls on the organisers for the convention atmosphere engendered. In the UK and in Australia, in particular, the organisers tend to be more relaxed - consequently Stewart is too.

When he's in a play, whether in the US or UK, Stewart always makes an appearance at the stage door and he's more than happy to sign any playbill offered. I have seen him - most recently in November - refuse to autograph Star Trek items presented once he's ascertained that the person hasn't actually been to the play - utilising the Picard death glare before moving on.

In all these years I've never had a problem. I get the playbill signed first and then ask him to autograph one other item I've brought for the occasion. He always has.
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