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^ I wouldn't count on it either; I'm glad, however, that there's at least one person out there who shares my sentiments and agrees with them, as opposed to a bunch of people on another board telling me I'm 'being silly' because of my argument, concerns, and disappointments in this regard.
If you have to bring up the argument on rangerboard here, at least admit that they only started telling you you'e being silly, after you pretty much said "I write stories in my free time, that's why I'm an expert and you're wrong".
Takeru, I didn't mean for my comments to be taken the way they were, and apologized for offending anyone with said comments, and yet still received the following reply:
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You're not offending anyone. You're just being silly. We all like to philosophize about our favorite kids' show from time to time but you're taking it to the point of stupidity.

Don't compare Bulk to Tommy. There are not on the same level. Bulk had one transition and one transition only to make in Power Rangers. He went from a mean bumbler to a nice bumbler. Once that was fully established his character grown was DONE and that's a good thing. Some characters are actually meant to remain static as a way to better illustrate those around them. His exploits during "King for a Day" and "Countdown to Destruction" were merely meant to further show off just how good he and Skull had become.

He's not going to lose any character growth just because he gets hit by things. That has always and will always be a part of who he is. It's just that in later seasons they relied on it less. Hell, in later season they relied on Bulk and Skull less in general.

But hey, if the same wacky comedy that we've always gotten suddenly offends your writer's eye now then by all means it's your right to feel insulting. I can hear your monocle popping off in horror as I type this.
I brought up the fact that I write in my spare time as a way to give my argument some additional substance since people seemed to be rejecting it out of hand, and ended up being criticized for coming across as arrogant; when I apologized and said that I didn't mean to offend people, I got told that I'm being silly and that my argument has no merit. It's one thing to criticize me for comments that came across as being arrogant even though that was not the intent at all, and quite another to say that I'm silly and borderline stupid for thinking the way that I do, especially after I apologized for the comments I had made that people had perceived as arrogant.
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