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I don't think Bulk as seen here is quite as bad as he was in MMPR season 1. There, he and Skull were just bullies who showed up to make trouble and had it backfire messily on them, week after week after week. That was boring and pointless. What made Bulk and Skull interesting in later seasons was that they acquired a purpose, a goal that was more focused, engaging, and sympathetic than just being troublemakers. In season 2, that purpose was finding out who the Power Rangers were, while in season 3 and Zeo, it was being cops/detectives (and adding Lt. Stone as the Sgt. Carter to their Gomers Pyle helped improve the comedy as well).

Here, Bulk seems to have a purpose: to open and run a dojo, to be a sensei. That seems to tie into the focus of the season as a whole. Sure, he's a klutz about it and got splattered in the face like his high-school self, but maybe that was just a one-time thing for nostalgia. It wasn't "he's being mean and it backfires," it was more that he's trying to do something useful and is just clumsy about it.

Anyway, do we know if this is a recurring/regular role for Bulk, or just a one-shot?
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