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Re: The Stephen King Megathread

For the longest time, I had a great deal of interest in reading The Dark Tower series, but was interested in reading it moreso because it appealed to my tates as a fan of Fantasy fiction than because it was written by King; however, after reading The Talisman and Black House (the first two King novels I ever read, BTW) and the first four novels in The Dark Tower series, he's now become one of my favorite authors in terms of the way he writes and his skill as a storyteller. I have seen the movie version of The Green Mile and really enjoyed it, but have yet to read anything by King outside of the 6 books mentioned above, and am not entirely sure that I ever will, mainly because a lot of his work doesn't really appeal to me even though I do, as mentioned, like the way he writes and the way he's able to successfully weave a story that is compelling and engaging.
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