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I concur with what Christopher said; I'm fine with embracing nostalgia, but Saban seems to be doing it in ways that are, to me at least, borderline uncreative and lazy. There are a myriad of different ways that they could embrace the nostalgia of the franchise that don't involve blatantly re-using the MMPR theme instead of recording a completely new theme and introducing elements of the original MMPR theme into said new theme the way they have in the past, and that don't involve re-using an element of a particular character's characterization that is completely and explicitely linked to a certain period of said character's characterization. I said this in another thread on another board, but there are ways to use Bulk as a 'physical comedy' character that don't involve partially reverting him back to the way he was characterized in the first season of MMPR.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder, a season that I don't particularly like all that much because of some issues I have with regards to the continuity of the franchise, embraced the nostalgia concept wholeheartedly, but did it in a way that wasn't so borderline lazy and uncreative; I also maintain that the writers embraced nostalgia with regards to Ninja Storm, taking the franchise back to its early MMPR roots but without undermining anything that had accomplished in terms of the increasing sophistication of the franchise's writing and storytelling that had occurred up to the time that NS premiered. I've made this assertion many times before, but nearly every single character and situation within NS has an analogue or parallel - or multiple analogues or parallels - that can be found and drawn between it and MMPR, coupled with the lessons that had been learned from Zeo through Wild Force in terms of how to tell a compelling, coherent, and consistent story arc instead of just living 'episode to episode'.
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