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^The problem for me is, they're embracing nostalgia for the worst seasons of Power Rangers. MMPR was a really, really bad show in its first season; the only good thing about it was the cast. It got better in seasons 2 and 3, but it was still well below the quality of later seasons.

I can understand them embracing nostalgia for the most famous and popular incarnation of the franchise, but it's always sad when popularity and quality are two different things. And it's frustrating. With RPM, the franchise reached a new level of maturity. Not only was it smarter, richer, and better-written than ever before, but funnier than ever before as well. And now it looks like they're trying to undo all that maturation and revert to the franchise's infancy.

I dunno, maybe that's a sound strategy for hooking a new generation of young viewers who will sustain the franchise for another 20 years as they grow up with it. But for adult fans like me, it's a disappointment.
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