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I don't understand what the appeal of this content is to an adult? That's not snark, I honestly don't understand why an adult would get from that scene?
Why ask the question? Power Rangers has always been a kids' show first and foremost. Some of its seasons have had qualities that appealed to adults -- sometimes in the writing and stories, sometimes merely in the sex appeal of the cast -- but it's always been targeted primarily at young viewers.

For myself, I was never that fond of the slapstick aspects of Bulk & Skull -- I hated them in the first season -- but I came to appreciate the comic rapport of the actors once they got better material in subsequent seasons. So for me, the only appeal of that scene is nostalgia, getting to see Paul Schrier back in action. Overall, though, I've seen nothing else about Samurai that makes me think I'll like it much.
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