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I hope the nephew is Skull's and Kimberly's son, they had a lot of chemistry and that they got married has been fanon for years and almost became canon in Wild Force.
Eww! This is why I avoid fanfic...

Besides, if Spike is literally Bulk's nephew, then he'd have to be the offspring of one of Bulk's siblings. Neither Eugene Skullovitch nor Kimberly Hart has any biological relationship to Farkas Bulkmeier. Perhaps Skull married Bulk's sister?

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As excited as I am for the new season, there are a couple of decisions that have been made in regards to it that I really don't agree with. The first is the decision to apparently re-use the old MMPR theme (albeit a remixed version) as the theme song for the new season, and the second is the decision to recycle the old 'hit Bulk in the face with stuff' gag. The problem I have with the re-use of the theme song is that, to me, it feels kind of lazy since the theme really has absolutely nothing whatsoever - aside from two changed lines - to do with the Samurai theme of the next season, and the problem I have with re-using the 'hit Bulk in the face with stuff' gag is because it reflects and is predicated upon an aspect of Bulk's characterization that hasn't been relevant to the character since the second season of MMPR, and it feels like it undermines in some ways all of the characterization evolutions the character went through over the years.
I agree about the theme song, and I tend to agree about Bulk. Still, slapstick remained a part of Bulk & Skull's act throughout their tenure, to some extent at least. There's room for it if used judiciously. However, what I've seen of this show so far doesn't give me any hope that the humor will have any intelligence, nuance, or quality to it.
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